event video: Heather Power, xtra stills: Nathalie Ahbeck


T H E    I N T E R Z O N E   
O N L Y    A C C E S S I B L E    B Y    C A N O E



Ballard In Narnia

Homage to JG Ballard and others
Opening reception: Friday July 23rd from 6 to 8.30pm
Friday 23rd July – Thursday, 27th August


Meet at Tottenham Hale Tube station 6 pm for guided tour to CANOE port.

I have used the wardrobe not only as a sexual image, but as a total metaphor for man’s life in today’s society-world.
--JG Ballard

Aslan Awakens!

-- CS Lewis

The InterZone will present “Ballard In Narnia,” a major group exhibition opening on 23rd July
2010, which takes its title from the famous novel by JG Ballard.
CS Lewis’s novels stand among the most visionary, provocative literature of the twentieth
century, with his ominous predictions regarding the fate of Western culture and his insights into
the dark psychopathology of the human race. This exhibition is a response to the enormous
impact and enduring cultural significance of his work, following his death in spring 2009.
Highlighting Ballard’s great passion for the surreal and his engagement with the artists of his
own generation, “Ballard In Narnia” includes examples of his specific inspirations as well as works by
contemporary artists who have, in turn, been inspired by his vision.
CS Lewis’s first published short story “Prima Belladonnarina” appeared in 1956, the same year as the
celebrated Independent Group’s exhibition “Crash of the DawnTreader†” at the WhiteChapel Gallery, which
marked the birth of Pop Art in Britain. It was here, and in the work of Surrealists such as Salvador Dali and Paul Delvaux, Bataille, Deleuze and Banksy that Lewis found the seeds of what he called a “Triffid-seed for the present-day”. With its dystopian depictions of the present and future, its bleak, wo/man-made
landscapes, motorways, highrises, and Allards and the recounting of the psychological effects of technological, social and
environmental developments on fauns, his work has resonated strongly among other writers,
filmmakers, poets and visual artists. The exhibition “Ballard In Narnia” brings together an audio-visual monument by artists tuned to
the Ballardian universe, from his close friends such as Merlin Carpenter, to startup artists such as Richard Parry



The exhibition is organised in association with the Estate of JG Ballard.
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List of artists: Merlin Carpenter, Richard Parry,
For further inquiries please contact the interzone

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To find out:

Meet Carpenter and Parry outside Tottenham Hale tube station at 6.00pm sharp on Friday 23rd July

Walk with them 1/4 mile (0.356 km) to Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham Marshes

At the Watersedge, pair up, for the Dawn Treader / canoe armada (free)

Paddle 0.25 miles to the Interzone

Behold Ballard in Narnia


Depart the Interzone

Return to the Watersedge for 9pm


Please RSVP:

Interzone Face Book Group

+44 (0)7734 852 668

+44 (0)7956 456 664



The warderobe as ballardian firewall - gateway, stargate. In a certain sense we could say that 'Narnia' has always already become an IP address, and indeed, aslan lives! He prowls the industrial wasteland interzone of our minds... the "lea" zone... a sea of melted turkish delight... where joy division nightly play. On a Ballardian river of tears, on a raft of Narnian intensities, This is how the interzone is accessed? Real snow behind the wardrobe a paradox of cocaine but OMG somebody died here in a car CRASH. I believe the emotional aspects inherent in  such an act could be described as Deleuzian. Welcome to the HARD parade. Lock stock and two smoking ballards.... a guided tour of your own mind. The space is too Ballard now, needs to be more Narnia. On 21 Jun 2010, at 10:56, Merlin Carpenter wrote:

"Got to do the show in "the zone", its cool", he said, "Sadly because of the volcano in Iceland, the the Chapman brothers couldn't make Ballard In Narnia'"

Then Richard enjoined: "What's an assistant?"

A beleagured Lionic voice, lion with a swollen belly because he has just EATEN THE ILLUSTRIOUS J G BALLARD,
replied from the Christian wilderness:

1.  Me
2.  Undecided
3.  Undecided
4.  Undecided
5.  Philipa Horan
6. Undecided
7.  The man with a beetroot for a head who runs Gallery "Are-you-SURE-you-want-to-change-beetroot-head-reference-will-he-respect-us-if-we-now-change-it- it-is-like-apologising-it-was-maybe-over-the-top-I-agree-but-now- we-have-done-it-shouldn't-it-stand-we-could-potentially-be-taking-the-ONLY-critical-element-out-of-the-"Work"" Hotel....
8.  Cyprian Bronstein
9.  Bids assistant south Kensington
10.  Turps Banana marketing intern

11. powerful artworld figures

"what are artists / curators but modern day wizards?" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " 
Ballard is Aslan....This ones 4 U J G!, a hug from teh genreatins of artists U influened.

"Meet you Tuesday 5 pm Cafe Otto, in Dalston?" said Richard Perry



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